5 Resources To Help You Learn Quranic Arabic

Imagine knowing what each verse of the Quran means while reciting and reading the Quran. The words in the Quran are a direct communication from Allah to mankind. Hence, the importance of learning Quranic Arabic is emphasized so that we can truly learn the message of the Quran.  Learning Quranic Arabic is not easy, especially…


6 Steps To Becoming Fluent In Arabic

Arabic is an intimidating language to learn, but taking your first steps on this journey can open up a whole world of travel, culture, and understanding — and a better understanding of your deen. The hospitable reputation of Arabic-speaking countries means you’ll be welcomed with open arms if you travel to further your understanding of…


Watch: Don’t Kill Your Language

In honor of International Women’s Day tomorrow, we thought we’d share a few of our favorite TED Talks by women. In this gem that’s particularly relevant for immigrants and/or the various diasporas living in the United States, Suzanne Talhouk explains why it’s vital that we love and preserve our mother tongue.


Why It’s Important You Say My Name, and Say It Right

Living in a society where monotony is preferred, your name can say a lot about your background. Likewise, the way a person chooses to respond to your name can say a lot about them. Many first generation Americans or children of immigrant families have faced the awkwardness of having to repeatedly explain how to pronounce…