A young female muslim tourist is taking photos while traveling.

5 Inspiring Muslim Content Creators You Should Check Out

Since we’re all home and under various phases of stay at home orders, many of us have extra time on our hands. With the Internet, there’s no shortage of content to consume, but we thought you’d enjoy checking out some of our favorite creative Muslim content creators, who do everything from poetry to photography. Check…


Five Barriers To Accessing Mental Health Resources for Muslims

The discourse across my Twitter timeline these days has been centered around mental health resources – a slew of hotline numbers, critiques over lack of funding for important organizations, and the sharing of quotes and details in memory of those who’ve passed. We see this behavior in the wake of any tragedy; a world-wide wake…


Meet the Muslim Woman Behind #IStandWithAhmed

Ahmed Mohamed’s rise to internet fame has been skyrocketing. People across the world have been posting their support on social media — from President Barack Obama to Mark Zuckerberg to Sophia Bush — united by a single hashtag: #IStandWithAhmed. This entire movement can be drawn back to one 23-year-old MuslimGirl from Arlington, TX: Amneh Jafari….