Here’s What Altered My Relationship With Black History Month

Black History Month in the United States has been celebrated for over 40 years, initiated in Kent State, after being advocated for by Black educators at Kent State University. Since then, it has been observed assiduously without failure, during the month of February ever year. As a Black African woman, I have always felt more…


Who are Muslim Americans?

While almost anyone can spout off sensational views on what they think of Islam and its adherents, it’s rarer to find true in-depth and impartial analysis on exactly who represents Islam, i.e. the average Muslim, especially in the United States. However, the Muslim West Facts Project, a partnership between the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies and the Coexist Foundation, does exactly this in its recent report titled “Muslim Americans: A National Portrait”, which surveyed approximately 300,000 people and highlights Muslim American ethnic, economic, and political diversity, giving real insight on exactly what the modern Muslim-American, including the youth, is really like.