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This Is Why the Ummah’s Silence on Afghanistan Is Problematic

This past month, Afghans across the world watched with horror as our country fell into the hands of the Taliban. The United States troops withdrew, our flag was replaced, our president fled, and our female news anchors said their goodbyes. Supporters claim the Taliban have changed, yet  Hazaras continue to be the target of ethnic…


Afghan Women Are Rocking the Law Scene and We’re Here for It

These past few years, Muslim women have been dominating the workforce! America elected their first Muslim congresswomen, Vogue launched their first cover featuring a hijabi, and now, Afghan women are taking over the judicial side of their government! Afghanistan has been known to have a rough history with women’s rights in the recent past, but that is set to change!…

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Sesame Street Unveils “Zari,” the First Afghan Girl Muppet

This past week, the Sesame Street franchise unveiled its latest character, an adorable pink muppet named Zari.  As you may have noticed, she’s sporting a hijab! The new kid on the block is slated to make her small-screen debut on Baghch-e-Simsim (“Sesame Garden”).  This is Afghanistan’s locally produced answer to Sesame Street. Though her debut may be small-screen, Zari is…


A WISE Woman’s Quest to Change Afghan Women’s Lives

Three months ago, Fouzia travelled seven hours from Girdi Jungal, Pakistan to the Kandahar Province in Afghanistan, running away from her abusive husband and his two murderous wives to live with her mother. Under the guise of worry for her son’s mental and physical health, she told her husband that her mother had connections to…


James Yee and the Guantanamo Bay Atrocity

Tonight I had the privilege of attending a talk by the courageous James J. Yee. Yee is a convert to Islam and a former US Army chaplain, his primary ministering taking place in Guantanamo Bay. Upon witnessing the atrocities being committed against Muslim detainees, Yee voiced his objections against the unjustified government actions. Soon after,…


Muslims: A Matter of Perception

I just finished reading a string of comments claiming one after another how the “majority ‘Moderate Muslim’ population” is not doing anything to denounce the radical Muslims which means that they are, in actuality, in agreement with their actions.  It all stemmed from a rather pleasant read from the CNN article which was stating that…