Linda Sarsour Says There’s More Work To Be Done

At some point in our lives, we’ve all had to make a choice about where we stand in certain situations. Whether that be political, for a cause we’re passionate about, or for people that we support unconditionally; our choices make us who we are. And for Linda Sarsour, her choices have always been quite clear….


An Open Letter to Jameela Jamil From a Muslim Girl

Dear Jameela Jamil, Simply put, you’re a badass. I, among so many other women, can’t even begin to say how much I appreciate your rawness and honesty. Being that you have such a huge platform, I commend you greatly for using it to help those who don’t have as much of an opportunity to use…

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This Woman Tackles Iranian Law By Dancing

Throughout history, people have come up with the most creative ways to defy outrageous laws in their countries. There are those that stand in unison, blocking major highways and causing a public fuss. There are those that paint messages on walls, forcing everyone’s attention. There are those that record themselves rebelling, and upload it on…