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How the Consequences of 9/11 Still Impact Muslim Americans

Twenty-one years ago, on September 11, 2001, a part of America was shattered and has not been repaired since. We all remember 9/11 as the day that two Twin Towers collapsed, the day a plane was hijacked, the day America lost 2977 lives. And while this is all true and tragic, the tragedy of 9/11…


5 Millennial Muslims and Their 9/11 Recollections

In the 20 years since the tragedy that was 9/11 took place, a lot has happened. The perception of Islam and Muslims as being hostile to the West took hold, and several politicians have made careers off of their Islamophobic rhetoric. An entire generation of children who weren’t even alive when 9/11 happened have grown…


How 9/11 Impacted Gen Z Muslims

With today being the 20th anniversary of 9/11, we decided to ask Gen Z how they’ve been impacted by the events that took place when they were just a baby — or perhaps not even born yet. Our question: “If you’re a Muslim under 21 years old, how do you perceive the events of 9/11?…

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Stop Asking Muslims For Their Take on 9/11

Tomorrow marks not only the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, but also 20 years of unjustly forcing the Muslim community to be associated with Osama bin Laden and shoulder his burden when he himself was exiled from Saudi Arabia. What Caused All of This Mess? On September 17, 2001, Former President George W. Bush…


Here’s How 9/11 Continues to Impact Muslims, 19 Years Later

Nineteen years ago today, one of the most formative events in modern American identity took place: 9/11, a tragedy which you no doubt are aware of. The impact of 9/11 on the collective consciousness of Americans was huge. Today is the nineteenth anniversary of 9/11, and it’s still being memorialized today. Besides the devastating toll…