[Updated]: Here Are The 31 States Rejecting Syrian Refugees

[UPDATE]: There are now 31 states that are refusing to accept Syrian refugees.
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
North Carolina
North Dakota
South Carolina
South Dakota
Wyoming __________________________________________________________________________________Syrian refugees who are running away from ISIS are now the latest targets of neglect and discrimination. A growing number of states are either refusing or suspending taking in Syrian refugees, who once again let me repeat, are running away from ISIS, amid security concerns following Friday’s attacks in Paris.
In September, the United States pledged to take 15,000 refugees fleeing from the atrocities in Syria for the fiscal year that began in October. There is an estimated 85,000 total refugees that are expected to settle in the U.S. by 2016. That may however change. On Sunday, Michigan and Alabama declared they were going to refuse relocating Syrian refugees on Sunday, and they have now been joined by Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Indiana, Massachusetts and Illinois. Governors. Rick Snyder of Michigan, Robert Bentley of Alabama, Greg Abbott of Texas, and Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas said in separate statements on Sunday and today, that they will not be relocating refugees from the war-torn country until the U.S. Department of Homeland Security fully reviewed its screening procedures.
So what exactly are these screening procedures? What exactly constitutes a threat? It seems more like discrimination than anything else. There’s known ISIS affiliates here in the United States, who don’t look like the stereotypical olive-skinned, long bushy beards, turban wearing men. So, why aren’t we screening every American? Remember that one study that recently came out that says, “White Extremists Have Killed More Americans in the U.S. Than Jihadists Since 9/11?”
Take a look at what some of these governors had to say:
In a letter to President Obama today, Abbott said he is directing the Texas Health and Human Services Commission’s Refugee Resettlement program to stop relocating Syrian refugees. He stated, “Given the tragic attacks in Paris and the threats we have already seen, Texas cannot participate in any program that will result in Syrian refugees — any one of whom could be connected to terrorism — being resettled in Texas,” Abbott wrote in the letter. “And I urge you, as President, to halt your plans to allow Syrians to be resettled anywhere in the United States.”
Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal issued an executive order today to prevent the resettlement of Syrian refugees in that state.
Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker said ensuring security should be a top priority. “At this time I find the idea of accepting Syrian refugees highly concerning and have no plans to accept them into our state and believe the federal government has an obligation to carry out extensive background checks on everyone seeking to enter the United States,” he wrote.
Islamophobe and Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson even joined the party urging Congress today to terminate all public funding for federal programs helping Syrian refugees and migrants settle in the U.S. “The national security of the American people demands that the Congress swiftly extinguish any programs that might allow an ISIS terrorist to infiltrate the United States disguised as a refugee or migrant,” Carson wrote in the letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan.
I understand the concept of national security and protecting us here in the United States from terrorism attacks, however, why are these screening procedures so selective? What about all the attacks on Muslims and Mosques throughout the United States? Who is making sure Muslims who also happen to be Americans are safe? More than 7 million Syrians have been displaced by war, that we played a role in, and now we aren’t even allowing them safety from the very same people that are trying to hurt them and us?
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