My Summer Fashion Essentials

“Aren’t you, like, hot under there?”

“If I were be you, I would be sweating.”

“I don’t know how you survive.”

Trust me, you don’t know how many times I’ve had to hear all that in just one day of walking around school — it’s brutal.
But there are ways to avoid the extreme heat, so here are outfit ideas that are very useful in the summer to keep cool and some summer fashion statements you should add to your wardrobe!

1. Palazzo Pants

Who likes it when their jeans are sticking to their skin? Definitely not me, it’s not a great experience. Palazzo pants are incredibly loose fitting pants that you can actually BREATHE in.

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I mostly found my pairs at Zara, but they’ve also been selling them at Forever 21 recently!

2. Light Colors + Light Fabrics

I think to mix it up a bit for these hot months, a trick is to play around with different tones of light colors and light materials. It adds elements to your look, but it doesn’t feel like a burden on you.

In this look, I paired a light grey maxi with a thin cream cardigan. The color combination really seemed inviting, and the look was overall uber-comfortable!

3. Throw on a Maxi

This is probably my #1, especially for Ramadan. Maxi dresses are literally EVERYWHERE these days, so they’re incredible easy to find. I just recently purchased a bunch from Zara and Forever 21! They’re definitely worth the buy, especially when you’re running late for an iftar event, you can just throw it on and go!
My sister Sania, on her trip to Turkey recently, lived in maxi dresses because it’s just easy for this weather and especially for traveling!


That wraps up three simple looks for the summer! Inshallah there’ll be plenty more to come, so keep an eye out on Instagram: @thatgirlyusra and get excited for more posts on here as well! xo.