Photo credit: Huffington Post UK

“SubhanAllah” Ads to Appear on London’s Red Bus for Ramadan Campaign

A week after London’s first Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan, was voted into office, Islamic Relief UK announced they would place advertisements on London’s iconic red buses with the phrases “Gather the rewards of Ramadan – SubhanAllah,” in support of Syrian refugees.
The campaign will run throughout the month of Ramadan, set to start at sunrise June 6, and ending at sunset July 7. The hope is that British Muslims will donate to the organization to raise funds for victims of war, as well as bring a positive awareness to the cause.

Imran Madden, the UK Director of Islamic Relief, explains: “In a sense, this could be called a climate change campaign because we want to change the negative climate around international aid and around the Muslim community in this country.”

“Our advertising will heavily feature the word ‘SubhanAllah,’ which means ‘Glory to God.’ We want to celebrate and give thanks for the progress made in the fight against poverty, and the opportunity that Ramadan provides to give generously in support of people in need.”
Islamic Relief UK has support from fellow cricket star, Moeen Ali, who spoke out stating that this is a great way to get people talking about the true meaning of Ramadan.
Islamic Relief is the UK’s largest Muslim charity and operates across the world providing aid and fighting poverty, since 1984.
Written by Sam’n Iqbal