Struggling to find info as a new convert

I had a question about what happens after someone converts. I know of some places of worship around where I am but haven’t gone inside. The one I went to I couldn’t get in that day. And the next time I went the side door was open but I didn’t go in as I was doing something else. But what happens if you convert say on your own? Or you convert during what someone says is purgatory? And what about what the people were saying about the different sects of being muslim? I have heard about five percenters but don’t know much about them. This one lady said that she wouldn’t talk to you if you said you didn’t want to be with her sect. But if you are looking for information why wouldn’t she give it to you? Sorry for the book, but I have questions and it’s hard to actually get to the right person to ask. Also I had a question- this one lady believes that you can’t wear hijab when you start that you have to wear it after having been for a while. I had never heard that. I had heard that you can choose not to wear it.

Salamu alaikum dear sister,

Thanks so much for taking the time to send in your questions. You said that it’s difficult finding the right person to ask and I’m glad you’ve found our site. I hope you know that you can always send your questions to us and we will always be glad to help you as best we can.

From your email, I take it that you’ve chosen to convert to Islam on your own. This is totally lawful and I applaud you for your strength to take such a big step on your own. It doesn’t matter when you choose to convert; the moment you decide in your heart that you believe there is no God but Allah (SWT) and Muhammad (SAW) is His Messenger, you enter Islam and all of your previous sins are forgiven. I think that the best thing you can do during this time is to find a nearby mosque in your area and speak to someone there. I can assure you that you will be met with great kindness and compassion, and a sheikh there can easily clarify any questions you may have about conversion and explain to you the next steps in strengthening your faith. Plus, you’ll be able to easily find great Muslim women to become friends with to help and support you on this journey.

In regards to your questions about different sects, true Muslims don’t believe in different sects within Islam. All Muslims in the world are united by their most important belief, that there is only one God named Allah (SWT) and Muhammad (SAW) is His Messenger, and all share the same fundamental principles of Islam, such as the five pillars – faith, prayer, charity, fasting, and pilgrimage.

The lady you mentioned in your email doesn’t sound like she is providing you with the most accurate information or is a positive support in your interest, which is why I think it’s really important that you visit a mosque. You should ask to speak to the “imam” (pronounced ee-mam) or a sheikh; they will be very generous and eager to provide you with all the information you need. If you get information directly from the people who understand Islam the most in your community, it will be a lot easier to learn and understand Islam, and accurately!

As for the hijab, it is your choice if you would like to wear it or not. Islam does favor modesty, but not wanting to wear the hijab should not stop you from converting. There are plenty of Muslim women in the world who choose not to wear the hijab. Faith starts from the inside, and the most important thing is to build strong faith and honest character.

I hope this is a good start for now. If you have any other questions or would like more details, please do not hesitate to email us again! We would love to hear from you again and hope that you keep in touch with us about how you’re doing 🙂

May peace be with you!