Stopping Hypocrisy

We live in the time where righteousness is difficult to encounter. While we might be surrounded by those who proclaim their love for Allah (SWT) and His Messenger (SAW), the diseases – treachery, hypocrisy, injustice, etc. – are rampant in our communities. Why are our people inflicted with infections when we have the cure in our hands? Why then we smell the reek of death in every corner when our minds incline towards the One and Only God?

I believe the best action is to reflect on the location of the disease. Where is it? I recently went to a predominantly Muslim area where every corner celebrated the blessings of Allah (SWT) with the call to prayer sounding throughout the morning and the night, where people went in an out of the mosques, where Friday was still considered the holiest day of the week. What a sight it was to see the men and women all doing their best to adhere to the standards so they could live a better life. It was then that I noticed the stench. Where was it coming from?

It does not take more than a clear vision to see the dark corners. While some of us might bow down to pray every day and take off the Qur’an from our shelves, our hearts are inflicted and our souls are suffering. Our tongues say one thing and our hands do another. We claim to follow the Word of Allah (SWT) and yet we keep the Qur’an on our shelves, and when we do open it, our lips just graze the words without any understanding. We put it back on the shelf and then walk towards the path of lies and gossips. Our cell-phones flip open and we began to wonder if there was something we missed while we were away. When someone speaks the Truth we lend our ears but our hearts continue to rot.

While we are busy pointing fingers at the faults of others, have we been listening to our whispers? What words do we hear and what actions do we do? The diseases of the heart are disintegrating our bodies. We have to fix it before we become the rotting corpses in this world and the lamenting in the Hereafter.