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S**T White Girls Say To Muslims

S**T White Girls Say To Muslims

“S**T White Girls Say to Muslimahs”

I’ve wanted to do this since last year (another vlogger did a version of this video as well) but I never had to guts to actually film it. This is my first time doing something super ridiculous.

Unfortunately, a lot of these questions I’ve actually got from individuals in real life, and a few I added for comedic relief.


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  • Shout out to all Muslims – black, brown, white, combinations thereof – who hear that shit all the time. Muslims come in all skin colours, and while this means many of our experiences are different , we do share the common experience of these kinds of questions! I don’t know a single Muslim who hasn’t heard at least a few of these… my personal ‘fave’ has always been “Wow, your English is soooo good!” Thanksss…. it’s only my first language, so, y’know…

    I love the idea of an Islamic Spaceship. Sent from Islamworld, of course.

  • That “bless your heart” face reaction to the the “ummmmm hiiiiii” was the best part

  • Many Muslimahs are also white. Not just talking about white converts, either… But I get the sentiment of this video… and I LOVED the spaceship part! I guess one of my pet peeves is when people assume that Muslims can’t be white… I guess Bosniaks can’t be Muslim?????? 😛

    I actually LIKE most of the questions I get from people since I like trying to educate others on what it’s actually like to be Muslim and hopefully clear up the MANY misconceptions out there. I try to be a good ambassador for Muslims.

    But probably the most annoying question I’ve gotten was (NOT from a white girl btw) asking if I am safe in my relationship and if I was being abused. I GUESS the sentiment was there… since this was someone I was rather close to and whom I guess genuinely cared about my well-being… but I was still taken aback and offended. The problem there, too, is that I don’t know if my explanation really helped to clear anything up for this person. SIGH I guess you win some, you lose some… But hey the struggle to educate continues! Be strong!

    Truth has come and falsehood has vanished. Indeed! Falsehood is ever bound to vanish. The Quran 17:81 (Surah al-Isra) from this cool site (especially for any Pinterest-lovers out there!)–>

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