How Do You Spice Up a Plain Outfit?

There are definitely those days where I just want to throw on a sweater and some skinnies. When I have those days, I’ll usually add a necklace and some jewelry to change it up a bit. There are many types of necklaces and styles to wear but these are by far my favorites. A girl can never have too many necklaces!

1. Statement Necklace


Jeans: Zara // Dress: H&M // Necklace: Ebay

This is definitely the easiest one to pull off. To wear a statement necklace, try pairing it with neutral colors so the necklace can be the focus. I wore it with classic blue jeans and a black maxi cardigan. It really helps the necklace shine through. You never want too much going on when you’re wearing a statement necklace. I even applied this to a Desi outfit, like the one below. I wore a bright hijab to bring out the stones in the necklace. Forever 21 and H&M have great statement necklaces for reasonable prices.


2. Dainty necklaces


Gray Maxi: H&M // Cardigan & Necklace & Bracelet : Forever 21
I loveeeeeeee a gold dainty necklace on a simple outfit. The best are ones with some meaning to you. I’ve seen a few lately at Urban that have a crescent and star on it. I paired the one above with a maxi and flowy cardigan.

3. Layering a Bunch


Sweater: Zara // Rings: Forever 21 // Necklaces: Zara

Lastly, you can never go wrong by layering a bunch of different necklaces. Even better, this is actually one necklace! Lately, there has been a lot of influence from the Eastern World. My blue ring above is actually from Forever 21 and my co-worker asked me if I had bought it from overseas! That had me laughing real hard. I honestly do love it though.

So will you spice up your outfit with any of these styles?