Sixth Grade Muslim Girl Pays Price for Hate Rhetoric

Inside Edition reported that a sixth-grade Muslim girl was attacked Nov. 19 in an elementary school in the Bronx, Williamsbridge School — by three boys in the same grade.
The boys placed the innocent girl in a headlock, repeatedly punched her, tried to rip off her headscarf and called her “ISIS.”
Police officers were contacted about the attack and came to the school, but no police report was filed for “unclarified reasons.” According to Inside Edition, the delinquents were supposed to appear in a disciplinary hearing — but it was postponed to permit the families to seek legal assistance.

A school environment is meant to cultivate tolerance and understanding — not bullying and blatant racism.

Islamophobia is at an all time high.
The Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is reporting numerous hate crimes against Muslims all across the United States, including attacks on mosques, Muslim-run businesses and individual assaults on hijabis committed by hateful bigots.
But this outrageous and inexcusable incident stands out from the rest. This is a little girl most likely in her pre-teens, who is now traumatized merely for practicing her religion.
Her attackers are also young. They aren’t even well into their formative years and they’re already spewing hate they probably heard from their parents or picked up from the internet or media.
A school environment is meant to cultivate tolerance and understanding — not bullying and blatant racism. The inflammatory anti-Muslim rhetoric employed by the GOP Presidential candidates, the Islamophobic sentiments propagated by the media, the rampant fear-mongering and othering is reaching the ears of the next generation and it’s provoking them to act out against Muslims. We’re consciously and unconsciously raising a generation of bigots and bullies.
As for the young victim of this hate crime: I’m sorry, little one. Stay strong. Hold your head up high and justice will be served.

Image from: Flickr