A Back to School Favorite: The Side Swept Hijab

The side-swept hijab is so quick and easy, which makes it the perfect go-to style for back to school. No one knows better than us hijabis how difficult it can be to work with a hijab, especially if you want layers or a turban that doesn’t look like a bird’s nest on your head. (Trust me, I’ve experienced it all!)

This style is incredibly easy to manage, and it can work with any kind of casual look you can think of!

Tip: Use a jersey hijab when working with a turban or side swept style for a more “held-together” look. 

The side swept hijab is really just an incomplete turban (literally). Work with the steps of wrapping a traditional turban look, but when you go to wrap the last piece of the turban, leave it hanging! Don’t tuck or pin it back. Use a pin in the front to keep it in place, and voila! You have yourself a sporty, chic, no-hassle side swept hijab!