Shabby Chic

Hey ya’ll,

Happy September!

As we prepare for fall (yes, already), I have to start reminding myself of “layers, layers, layers,” early on . For some reason, I’ve convinced myself that layering clothes transforms your outfit from “lazy” into  “shabby chic”– whatever that means.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I tend to just wear what I’m feeling each day; so while I don’t have a set style per se, I lean more towards the “relaxed and comfortable, yet simultaneously super stylish” genre come chilled weather. I either fail miserably.. or I nail it. The one time I nailed it just happens to be the outfit above – because I revolved it all around a hat (which is from J.Crew and that I got on sale for $41.50). However, I must say that the best part of the outfit was my sweater, which I got from a super cute boutique in NJ (we have cool things there despite what the media tries to tell you; Arab, Muslim, Jersey girl: breaking all sorts of stereotypes here) called Charlotte’s Web for about $65. It’s really fuzzy, it’s really warm, and it’s got an awesome oversized safety pin; which you can’t see, but I promise is there, as opposed to just a normal button (who wants to be normal).

…a touch of understated class!

Under that is an angora cardigan (that I got from somewhere in Brasil and have no link for – sorry) that I buttoned up all the way to “transform” it into shirt, and on top of those two sweaters is an H&M infinity scarf I found for $6 (which is basically the price tag for everything in that place <3) and used to fill in empty space. Without that scarf, the outfit actually looks pretty sloppy– that $6 saved it.

I threw on an old pair of black, somewhat shiny but really just “odd-materialed” leggings that I’ve had since I was 16,  and finished it off with simple black flats from Via Spiga that were $99 and totally worth every penny. I’m all about making “investments” in the shoe department. Your feet are super important (because they do this thing where they hold your body up and move it around the planet) so good shoes are always worth it.

I’m also wearing OPI Black Onyx  on my nails, Bobbi Brown  all over my face and my bag is Michael Kors, again if you care about those things.

Hope you’ll give the “shabby chic” look a try (I Urban Dictionary’d it by the way, “something [maybe someone, i.e., Joan Collins] that’s rather worn out/tattered yet has a touch of understated class”)! Fitting, no?

Talk to you when I get my winter 2017 look down – kidding, I’ll try to be more stylish before then.




Image: Flickr