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See Why This Muslim Girl Chooses to Wear Hijab
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  • While I understand that you view your choices purely within the selfish myopic view of your own privileged life, you also need to respect broader use of the symbolism you exalt. In a time when people who happen to have the confederate flag around are presumed, judged, attacked, fired, and harassed because of the beliefs of SOME others who also have possessed it, your ignorance at history and religion doesn’t deserve to get that pass. You claiming the object of oppression for your own freedom is no different than a black man claiming a Dixie flag as his own standard. I’m sure the privilege of choice you have means little to the millions and millions of women who risk death to feel the sun on their face, who cannot even sit or socialize as equals to their very own spouses, who risk honor killing by their own fathers for talking to another child, or who by your age have undergone genital mutilation in the name of the ideals you support with your hijab. It is out of respect for those who have been oppressed by people who bear the confederate flag that it is being removed and shunned. Where is the same respect for the millions and of women worldwide who even today are oppressed, tortured, and killed under a symbol YOU choose to define your platform?

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