Photo credit: Maya Cosmetics

Review: I Tried the Halal Nail Polish From Maya Cosmetics. Here’s How It Went!

There’s always been a big debate over the permissibility of nail polish and if it interferes with making wudu (ablution) for prayers.  As for myself, I’ve always opted not to wear it, except during my period, when I’m not praying.
Let’s face it–it actually makes me look forward to my period a little bit.
But now, for those of us who don’t wear nail polish regularly, there’s all kinds of options on the market for “halal” nail polish, that are not only free of pork products, but water permeable as well.
A new cosmetic line just launched, called Maya Cosmetics.  They created a halal, wudu-friendly, cruelty-free, vegan, physician approved nail polish.  Ummm, what?!  Sign me up!
Sorry, but I cannot contain my excitement. I love nail polish. Like la-la-la-loveeeee nail polish.
I purchased the colors Plumberry, a beautiful dark purple, and Early Grey, a gorgeous grey color.
The application was absolutely perfect. I only used one coat and it is super opaque. It dried quickly too, and let me tell you, this is important to me, because as a mother of two, waiting five or more minutes for nail polish to dry is torture.image

Scenario:  You’re waiting for your nails to dry, and your toddler is about to knock down a glass of cranberry juice on your brand new Pottery Barn accent chair.  You have to make a tough choice in life: Ruin the couch or ruin your nails.

But I digress.
On Maya Cosmetics’ website, the directions state to apply wudu as you normally would but “run nails under water and then rub gently for ten seconds.”
This isn’t the first brand of nail polish that’s wudu-friendly/ water permeable; there’s also Tuesday in Love.
Tuesday in Love has gorgeous colors and the application is gret. Unfortunately, it’s the peelable kind of nail polish, so if you enjoy peeling things like I do–remember how kids in the 90’s used to peel glue off of their hands after it dries and enjoy it? Yes, that type of enjoyable–then this might not work for you, because you will be tempted to peel those babies off soon after they dry. They also carry other cosmetics, like lipsticks and foundations.
Inglot also carries a breathable nail enamel called O2M. . I’ve personally never tried them, but I’ve heard great things about them, although there are mixed reviews when it comes to the water permeability test.
Which “halal” nail polishes have you tried and loved? Tell us!