Ahmed Mohamed’s Dad Gave the Media Free Pizza

Ahmed Mohamed’s face has been the highlight of social media over the last couple of days. This 14-year-old boy went from being racially profiled and falsely arrested, to being invited to the White House by the President himself. And aside from the fact that Ahmed has set an example for a country that’s become riddled with all kinds of bigotry and was met with a beautiful flurry of support, his family has a whole other beautifully humbling example for the rest of us.

When the media packed the Mohameds’ front lawn after Ahmed’s public arrest, what did the family do? They bought everyone pizza.


The pictures of Ahmed’s father smiling as he brings pizza to the media parked outdoors ring a heartfelt reminder to Muslims around the country: this is how we face adversity, this is how we treat others, this is the Prophet’s example.

And to the rest of America, this is the best example of true jihad: braving the Texas heat to be kind to others.

You go, Mohamed family!