Remarkable Hadith Qudsi

Whoever returns to Me, I accept him no matter how far he is, and whoever turns away from Me, I approach him and call on him.

Whoever leaves a sin for my sake, I reward him with many gifts, and whoever seeks to please Me, I seek to please him.

Whoever acknowledges My Will and Power in whatever he does, I make the iron bend for his sake.

My dear people are those who are with Me.

Whoever thanks Me, I grant him more blessings; whoever obeys Me, I raise him and endear him more.

Whoever disobeys Me, I keep the doors of My Mercy open for him; if he returns to Me, I bestow him with My Love since I love those who repent and purify themselves for My Sake. If he does not repent, I still treat him by putting him in hardship to purify him.

Whoever favors Me over others, I favor them over others.

I reward every single good deed ten times over or seven hundred times over to countless times over. I count every single bad deed as one unless the person repents and ask for My Forgiveness, in which case I forgive even that one.

I take into account any little good deed and I forgive even major sins.

My Mercy supersedes My Anger;
My Tolerance supersedes My Blame;
My Forgiveness supersedes My Punishment,
as I am more merciful with My slaves than a mother with her child.