Support Us in Ramadan of the Muslim Girl

Let’s make this the Ramadan of the Muslim Girl: we’re super excited to share with our readers that has officially launched its very first crowdfunding campaign with LaunchGood!

For those of you who have been following this site for years, months, or weeks, you know how hard has worked to elevate the voices of Muslim women in the media and reclaim our image across the globe. I mean, our motto is “Muslim Women Talk Back,” after all. From initiatives like #MuslimGirlProbs, to The Girls’ Room; Baddie of the Month to our national collegiate chapters, we are working hard to give Muslim women’s voices (yes, they exist) a public platform to be heard by everyone.

Of course, we still have a long way to go. We intend to keep blazing a trail until we become the first mainstream media for Muslim women, by Muslim women.

PLZ RT: Let’s help @MuslimGirl make history for Muslim women in the media!

Your contribution is a vote for millennial Muslim women. More than anything, we need your vote of confidence in Muslim youth. We’re the post-9/11 generation of Muslims that grew up during the height of Islamophobia. Our formative years took place under a complete assault on our identity. is a direct product of that experience and a positive force to address it.

And here’s the huge secret that we’re letting everyone in on: this site runs on a $0 budget.

That’s right. That means that we have proudly become the #1 most visited source of Muslim women’s voices in the United States, and our articles have been written about, responded to, or cited by every mainstream media outlet imaginable… Yet, we run on nothing but your encouragement and loyal readership.

Now, imagine what we could do with the resources deserves.

To put it simply: we want to take things to the next level, and we need your support to continue developing exceptional content to represent Muslim women in the media. You know that feeling of always being talked over? Of being invisible? Of your voice being diluted by people speaking on your behalf? We want to make sure that ends by creating a presence that no one will be able to ignore.

So, here’s what we’re asking of you, our audience: help us make this Ramadan about uplifting the voices of Muslim women. In this moment, we’re all here, together, bonded by our shared struggles and unified hope for the world our daughters will live in, so help us do our part.

  • Sharing is caring: If you’re broke like us, join the club — literally. All you have to do is post, tweet, and share our campaign. Just like donations, your shares = your votes for the inspiring badassery we’re concocting over here. We <3 you.
  • Empower a voice: Upload a 30-second clip telling us about an inspiring Muslim woman in your life to your social media, with the hashtag #RamadanofMuslimGirl, for a RT/like/reblog from us!
  • Donate $$$: As much of a loudmouth MuslimGirl is, it’s hard for us to put ourselves out there like this. We’re peeling back the layers and sharing our heart’s work with you in the hopes of finding your support. Will you extend your hand?
  • Join the Clique: We roll with the baddest women around and get really excited about new additions to our gang. Our passion is palpable, our troublemaking is fearless, and our voices are loud and proud together in the face of adversity. We like teaming up with creative media types, bold writers, and dedicated bossladies. If you think you can hang, apply to join us.
  • Become a Prez: Want to really make waves in your community? Become the founding president of your very own MuslimGirl chapter. Our student organizations bring our mission to real life by hosting fun events, collaborating on campaigns, and becoming a real local presence on important issues. Get your leadership on, right here. 

We need you to have our back on this one, fam. Let’s make history. Contribute and share our campaign with your networks today.