Radicalized White Man Who Plotted to Blow up a House in Houston Described as Loner

On Friday, the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force announced their arrest of a 50-year-old Caucasian man for plotting to blow up a man’s home. The suspect claimed that he didn’t want to kill his victim, but instead send him a warning.
He was picked up by law enforcement late on Friday at the post office after attempting to collect a package which was known to have explosives inside, Dallas News reported.

The suspect, identified as Cary Lee Ogborn, appeared in court on Monday. He was described by neighbors as a “loner,” the usual jargon applied to describe a radicalized White man.
Ogborn had been on the FBI’s radar for purchasing explosives online using an anonymous Bitcoin account, according to the local ABC affiliate. He was finally caught when he bought explosives from an undercover agent posing as a online seller.
Court records indicated that Ogborn intended to blow up a specific man’s house, but not kill him. He allegedly wrote online, “Person will not be there when set off. Don’t want to kill, just send message.”
In order to carry out the attack, Ogborn was planning to detonate a grenade in the victim’s truck in order to scare him out of his house before destroying it.
Ogborn has had many previous run-ins with the law. He served prison time for stealing a car and possessing marijuana and cocaine, has been accused of illegal possession of a firearm and metal knuckles, and has been caught driving with a suspended license.
Details about who Ogborn’s intended victim are have not been shared publicly yet. He has a bond hearing scheduled for Wednesday, and is being kept in jail in the meantime.

Authorities have clarified that there is no connection between Ogborn and the Afghanistan-born suspect arrested for the weekend’s Chelsea bombing. For now, he’s apparently just another deranged, locally-harvested terrorist.

Ogborn’s religious affilation has not been publicized, nor has the story reached national news. Because the arrested suspect doesn’t fit the typical terrorist stereotype, his vicious attempt at blowing up someone’s home will likely remain under the radar. Thankfully, the FBI caught him before he caused any damages.