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Queen Rania to Americans: ‘Put Yourself in Their Shoes’ on Syrian Refugee Crisis

Queen Rania to Americans: ‘Put Yourself in Their Shoes’ on Syrian Refugee Crisis

Because we’re still having an issue understanding the magnitude of the Syrian humanitarian crisis, (although I still can’t comprehend where the misunderstandings are — people are dying and need our help, so let’s help them) the beautiful Queen Rania of Jordan had a one-on-one interview with Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts on Oct. 2, 2015, in an effort to further explain why the world needs to speed it up with our “taking action” initiatives.

Her Majesty provided staggering numbers that are difficult to ignore. Since the beginning of the Syrian civil war four years ago, more than 250,000 Syrians have lost their lives. Half of Syria’s population has fled their homes — that’s around 11 million people trying to escape danger. Not to mention, 7 million Syrians are internally displaced and more than 4 million have become refugees.

“…refugees are running for their lives.”

Jordan, one of the smaller countries of the Arab world, has been impacted quite intensely — taking in more than 600,000 Syrian refugees. Refugees from all over the Middle East now make up more than 20 percent of Jordan’s population.

Queen Rania’s message is quite clear: She urges the world to take a “humanitarian approach” when facing this crisis. “I think the first thing we need to do is really put ourselves in their shoes,” she said. “These people are not leaving by choice, and that’s the difference between migrants and refugees.”

“You know, migrants choose to go to another country because they want a better job or they want an education. But refugees are running for their lives,” she said.

“When I look at a country like the United States, it baffles me that people don’t understand it because this a country where immigrants have done so much, and can you imagine what the United States would’ve been like without the contribution of, the valuable contribution, of so many immigrants?” It baffles us too.

The Queen continued to touch on one of the problems in today’s society regarding making real change happen. “Acting doesn’t just mean you just click ‘like’ and move on to the next post because, you know, you assume that somebody else will do something about it,” she said. “You are that somebody else. You’ve got to act on your values, because if you don’t, they just slip away.”

When you see a volunteer page of an organization that is asking for extra hands, don’t just “like” the page and continue to scroll. Sign-up to be a volunteer (CARE). When you see a donation page for an organization that is collecting money to fund medical supplies for life saving operations in refugee camps don’t just “like” the page and continue to scroll. Like it, donate to it and then share it (Syrian American Medial Society).

PHOTO:Queen Rania of Jordan was interviewed by GMA co-anchor Robin Roberts in the GMA Times Square studio.

There is, what seems to be a growing fear of the Arab Muslim world in the west — a fear that Queen Rania places blame on for lack of support in this crisis. “I think it’s kind of to the fact that some of these stereotypes can sneak out of our subconscious without us knowing and make us make grave misjudgments of people and sometimes cause them a great deal of unfairness and injustice,” she said. Like when Donald Trump said in a statement that the “mass migration” of Syrians — in reference to the refugees fleeing for their lives — headed into the western world could quite possibly be an ISIS invasion. It’s this type of false fear and uneducated comments from media harlots like Trump that perpetuate the thoughts of the average American — that these children and their families begging for our help and looking for citizenship elsewhere are the enemy and are undeserving of whatever kindness we think we might have.

“I think it’s kind of to the fact that some of these stereotypes can sneak out of our subconscious without us knowing and make us make grave misjudgments of people and sometimes cause them a great deal of unfairness and injustice.”

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We need to do a better job of taking care of our fellow humans. We need to do a better job of spreading awareness and educating others so that this crisis gets the attention it deserves. We need to do a better job of understanding when to put our political opinions aside and recognize that although these  refugees may be “different” than you are, it is your obligation as a figure in humanity to do what you can to help them. We need to do a better job at remembering that at some point in our lives we’ve all needed some type of help — and it’s time for all of us to return that favor to someone in need.

For more ways to help Syrian refugees, follow the links below:

  • Doctors Without Borders: Doctors Without Borders helps people worldwide where the need is greatest, delivering emergency medical aid to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters or excluded from health care.
  • Islamic Relief USA: Islamic Relief USA provides relief and development in a dignified manner regardless of gender, race, or religion – and works to empower individuals in their communities and give them a voice in the world.
  • International Rescue Committee: The IRC is currently providing support to Syrian refugees in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey and Greece. They are also helping to resettle Syrians granted refugee status in the United States.
  • International Medical Corps: The International Medical Corps assists those in urgent need anywhere, anytime, no matter what the conditions, providing lifesaving health care and health care-related emergency services — often within hours.

Play your part. We all have one.


Image from Good Morning America

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  • “Half of Syria’s population has fled their homes — that’s around 11 million people trying to escape danger. Not to mention, 7 million Syrians are internally displaced and more than 4 million have become refugees.” not to mention? all you did was breakdown the number that you already gave. seems like you are trying to make people believe it’s 22 million?
    I got a plan. there are over 50 countries in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). why don’t they islamically cooperate and hand the situation?
    then the queen says something that makes no sense. she says refugees aren’t migrants. true. but then she talks about the contributions of immigrants. well if these refugees aren’t migrants, then why mention the contributions of immigrants.
    I got a question for the queen. why doesn’t the Jordanian army raise some allies among there muslim brothers and take care of the situation? surely they can partner with the Free Syrian Army?

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      • alright dude. I didn’t make it all the way through that. but you can find el cid on ahmadiyya islam on patheos. he, wink, wink, commented on one of the last few posts. earth 2.0 I think.
        good luck finding him.

        • Not to read it may be a mistake. But I will take a look at El Cid.. How old is this, his post. Any idea. Did you drop him a line? He was your friend. Remember he blessed you. Can you recall him sending you a rose blessing and prayers that your back not be broken from the curse a Muslim put on you? I have detailed it in a post to you on Mideast Blog. After Tanveer’s post.

          How come you have not called me El Cid in this post. You have in everyone of your last few ones. What gives?

          Thanks for the info on El Cid. Its a start, will take a look. You should read my latest when you have the time. Now go read before it is deleted. I posted a fresh one after Tanveer’s post and yours. MidEast Blog.

          He thinks she is some kind of unfu^cked virgin goddess and that I am a simpleton with a four year old’s brain. I though that was good.

          Now go read and refresh your mind.

          • yeah I saw tanveer’s undeveloped 4 year-old brain comment.

            no I didn’t drop el cid a line.

            El Cid jesus zamora bonilla • 25 days ago

            “Please, don’t take us for idiots.”

            No one does, has to do it for you. You are doing a good job of doing it for yourself. Unfortunately you have no idea of how stupid you are.

            I liked talking islam with el cid. he seemed quite knowledgeable. then I partially quoted 5:33 and ended with blah, blah, blah… he took offense to me blah, blah, blahing a verse from the Koran. all of a sudden I went from a knowledgeable gentleman to the biggest a-hole on the planet. oh well.
            but if you talk to him, tell him thanks for the rose. it was a nice thought. of course as a fellow disbeliever, you certainly know I wasn’t the least bit worried about yaqin’s curse.

          • “if you talk to him, tell him thanks for the rose. it was a nice thought.
            of course as a fellow disbeliever, you certainly know I wasn’t the
            least bit worried
            about yaqin’s curse.

            First: You thank him yourself. He was your friend, not mine. He spoke to you kindly and used to explain the Qur’an to you before you clobbered him to impress Ilisha.

            Then you started profaning and clobbering the the Qur’an all over the Internet. On almost every website where I have found you in my research you have been profaning Islam, Muslims, Muhammad, the Quran and Allah.

            No wonder Ilisha has the hots for you and gets you back in Loonwatch again and again. [The reminds me I won that Million bet that she will chase you all over the web and get you back in LW ] I will copy that to bet to you to refresh your memory.. You truly are an atheist.

            Second: I am not your fellow disbeliever. I am an agnostic. That is a very difficult position to take. I assure you, especially for a conscientious skeptic with high ethical standards, insight, study and intellectual integrity.

            I am not an atheist who decides that because he cannot see, hear or feel the sublime therefore it does not exist. Absence of evidence does not equate with evidence of absence. This is the fundamental truth and logic on which all science is based.

            Third: You must have a specially weak memory or senility is kicking in already. At your age thats the way the mind goes.

            Here are El Cid’s comments after he took the curse off you and apologized for the delay and explained his schedule to you:
            “I am sorry for the delay. I could thus apologize and walk away. But Allah requires action not just words to back up an apology. In this context I will do my best to make amends and answer even the most personal and intimate of your questions in compensation…that I may qualify, ask for your forgiveness that Allah may forgive me too.

            In my defense: I had been planning a short trip to Paris to check on the situation there first hand but have been strongly advised against it. My other more risky longer trip to Waziristan, where Pakistan’s Military is committing genocidal slaughter and depopulating of whole areas under the directions of CentCom is still in the offing. That trip is problematic too but still under consideration.

            So I had been distracted somewhat. A mental conflict of sorts, the
            right thing to do. I will make amends by going through your comments later and respond in detail to the ones directed at me. And others where appropriate.
            I Wish Peace to You and Yours”

            Then he prayed peace for you and removed the curse. He gave you that rose with this message:
            Peace be to you,
            And peace be to your house’
            And peace to all that you have.

            *This is how you responded:
            “well thank you for your kind wishes. perhaps they will counter
            balance a curse put on me by another muslim.
            don’t worry about
            the delay, I’ve got nothing but time. unless of course yaqin’s plea
            to allah to break my back comes to fruition.
            well if you ever
            come to visit centcom, let me know. I live in tampa bay, not far from

            Forth: So you were indeed worried. You lied when you denied it. I am certain that you are the kind of person who has no friends, men or women. And never will.

            All you will ever have will be sluts, whores, prostitutes…and porno watching. Alcohol, drugs, debauchery, lies, memory gaps. No wonder Ilisha chases you all over the web and you are wanted and welcomed by all in LW when she get you back in. Birds of a feather flock together. They recognize their own. Your and their war on Islam is going well.<.

      • Wow. Serious crazy. A couple of quick corrections:

        (1) I don’t run LW.
        (2) You don’t know my age.
        (3) I have a master’s degree.
        (4) I’m not and have never been on anti-depressants. I have never been diagnosed with any form of mental illness–not even mild depression.
        (5) I don’t drink or do drugs of any kind–unless caffeine counts as I love coffee and tea.
        (6) I can’t ban people from LW.
        (7) You are calling me a slut based on NO EVIDENCE whatsoever. I have never “banged” anyone from LW, nor do I plan to. LOL.
        (8) I’m not fat. Or flabby, though I do confess to being a bit of a couch potato, especially in the winter.
        (9) I won’t let mike back LW because I can’t. Last time I allowed his comments, he was banned by the admin.
        (10) I’m not lying or playing games–more evidence-free accusations.

        Finaly, LW IS NOT ABOUT ME. I’m just a contributer and mod, who likes to torture myself by thumb typing comments on my mobile whenever I’m bored. Half the time when moderating/commenting I’m standing at the gas pump or in the grocery store line or some such limbo, typing on the fly–you take all this WAY more seriously than I do.

        I really think you need to get out more, live your life, and stop fixating on strangers’ online profiles.

        • “I don’t run LW.”
          I did not mean in the admin sense. You do carry the load in the practical sense. And are the spirit of LW at least for the casual observer. Is that not so?

          • I’m the spirit of LW? I don’t know what that means, but I like the sound of it. It’s hard for me to know how the casual observer sees me.

            I don’t run the site though. That’s for sure.

          • I know. But then I also know that labels and hats don’t run the show. Its not the suits but the grunts that carry the load. Thats what I meant. You are the grunt, the sweat and the spirit. I study these things for a living.

            Thanks for the quick reply. I thought it would be late, bedtime for you. Had no intention of disturbing you. Wanted you to catch it in the morning.
            Take care.

          • Pardon the interruption. I’m pretty sure the casual observer views you as such. You may not notice this yourself, but you do tend to energize the regulars with your presence as well. Just a simple observation from a simple dude.

          • Many of us do view her as the driving force of LW’s public engagement – absolutely.

            A Hanger-On


          • “I don’t run the site though. That’s for sure.
            Lately you have had a rough time for sure. Did not Cid tell you to get out of that place that there are better things in life for you to do. His three step plan. Its still on Raw Story.

            Seems some policy adjustment has been made at LW that does not bode well for you. For your name and reputation and character. Recall when Cid wrote that you can’t differentiate between men of character and character of men.

            You had a beating today but you held your own nevertheless. Did not press the button. But that is not a good life. Not for one such as you.

            Did not understand why you got that guy back in as I had profiled and predicted. Did you check the $million bet I won. I profiled and predicted that you will run after him and get him back in LW.

            The most interesting part of it was that you told Tom that since he is posting comments to you he must be Cid who has magical control of some ISP. Then I noticed that all day that fellow and you exchanged posts based on explicit sexual topics including rape, adultery and and fornication and again on the Quran. [Is that foreplay for you now?] Why did you think he was not El Cid but but Tom was. Why?

            What you are doing is foolish. Bad for your name, reputation and character. Why you don’t care about yourself like normal girls and women anymore is not understandable.

            Old age is no excuse to let yourself go in that manner. I want to know of the tragedy of your life that has made you so despondent, hopeless and reckless that you don’t care for yourself anymore. You are not as anonymous as you have be assured and made to think.

            You are the loneliest person I have ever come across in my life. So I have to hold back till I understand you better. I want to know if what I saw today was an unmitigated vulgar arrogance and stupidity or a cry for help.

            Tell me what is ailing you. What has happened in your life that has defeated you? And no bull shit and wings to Moon, please.

  • The Jordanian Royals are despots placed there by the British. This Queen of theirs portrays an image of Jordan which simply put is not true. Having lived in Jordan for a year, never have I come across a population so devoid of any culture or history. Jordanian society by far is conservative and backward, the vast majority of people do not identify with the Royals, but idolise them as though they have been put under a hypnotic trance. Extreme poverty is visible everywhere, infrastructure is lacking in every field, and yet this queen of theirs seems to have assumed a global mother philanthropist role. How about fixing your own dirt poor country first?

    • Not despots. History does suggest that they are descended from the real generational rulers of Arabia. The British took away their kingdom. Replaced them with Saudi tribal nomads.

      • No. The Hashemites were the custodians of Mecca and Medina from before the Ottomans and continued in that role under Ottoman patronage. They did not have any Kingdoms. The rest of the Arabian peninsula was under tribal control and not under the Ottomans. And being descendants of historical rulers makes them exactly what I had stated previously…despots!

        Leadership should be based on merit and ability, NOT ancestory.

        • A year in Jordon does not cut it. Your knowledge of the history of the area, especially of the Hijaz is wanting. You know not the meaning of “Despot”.

          You need to brush up on language and history a bit so that you know what you are talking about.

          • You may want to reconsider posting at Loonwatch. Something wrong with the group in that LW Blog. Insanely incestuous, deranged.

            The moderator just removed all my posts, over ten of them. Then up voted the very person abusing me while removing my reply.

            The same person who started to abuse you. Had abused me too. Then the moderator upvoteds him while removing my reply to him.Then she posted a verse from the Quran in the most hypocritical shameless manner as if she knew what she was doing.

            I am posting for you here because they removed this message when I posted there. It is best to stay away from Loonwatch. They are a bunch of psycho mental people. Best to delete your posts there. Not a good place for decent people. Specially women.

            Ilisha the moderator of Loownwatch seems off her mind. Whats going on between her and the guy who was abusing you. That Jekyll guy. Something very funny going on there. Just move out of there.

            Take care.

          • I will take a look. That Jekyll guy did seem like a dirty old man to me. I did not know about the moderator, Ilisha.

            Loonwatch website did seem somewhat odd to me though. The moderator getting her jollies by deleting posts. Creepy.

            Blogs do tend to keep older people as moderators as they have free volunteer time. Unfortunately mental quirks come with age.
            Thanks for the heads up.

          • I’ve been banned form loonwatch again. here was my response to you.

            Just Saying Kulsoom Zohar 12 hours ago Removed

            some of them could be migrants.
            as for reflections on me. what does it say about your muslim brothers and sisters in the gulf states? in turkey, Jordon, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria…. every muslim country in the world. why aren’t they fleeing to iran or Indonesia?

          • My Muslim brothers and sisters? I have not really understood your post except for the banning part. My sympathies are with you on that.

            Tom was just telling me about it. Loonwatch is a creepy place. Note that they have two weird old moderators in one place. What is the probability of that. Any idea if Ilisha is male or female? Sounds too transgenderish to me. Creepy. Ugh !

          • is kulsoom not a muslim name? or are you a kabbalah jew this time? ah, yes tom. so he is what? is ilisha a male or female, lol.

          • Sounds too transgenderish to me.


            I think it should be clear from my name AND my pic that I’m female. I wonder how appreciative MG is of having their comments sections devoted to gossip about LW.

            If you people don’t like our site, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. I’m amazed by the batch of whiney weirdos who haunt the place.

            You know what I do when I don’t like a website? I leave.

          • Not so. Nothing is clear from your name or your avatar pic except deceit.That you are deceitful and cunning is writ there. What I see is an oriental Geisha face with eyes having a come hither look in them. And demonic/witches scrawny hand holding up a heart. A pic that is self negating, self defeating. It does not match your South Asian name. Yet is very meaningful to the observant professional.

            And one does not have to be a psychologist or a psychiatrist to know where you are coming from. Male, female or transgenderish. You are one mixed up kettle of fish. As I said: Creepy!

            Nothing about you is normal or Kosher. You sound like a control freak coming out here and telling MuslimGirl how to run their place. You are out of control and out of context. My observations aside, I said nothing to you. Why you had to come out here and harangue me is beyond me.

            Please note that I was out here commenting on Queen Rania’s advice to Americans before you came in here to harass me. Earlier I was on your Loonwatch site where one of your hooligans latched on to me, harassed me beyond measure and for no cause.

            Afraid of being abused and ridiculed at your site again I did not comment their further. I deleted my post, politely moved on and out. LW unrestrained by ethics or etiquette one is at your whim and will of your ill bred ruffians.

            ”If you people don’t like our site, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

            Please note that I am not at your site. Your are here at Muslim Girl accosting me. Telling it and me what we can do or not do. You are an out of control, control freak.

            ”I’m amazed by the batch of whiney weirdos who haunt the place.”

            The only whiny, not “whiney”, weirdos on Loonwatch are the ones you have inculcated and groomed to show you off in a better light. You don’t dare allow competition there. You are too afraid to have your inflated, fragile ego tarnished, bruised and deflated.

            ”You know what I do when I don’t like a website? I leave.”
            No you don’t. You are all over the Internet in pursuit of one person or another. Attention seek, that is what you do all over the Internet to satisfy your carnal addiction to pursue, flirt, seduce.

            Further, considering the nefarious propaganda devises you employ to defame, denigrate, disinform, damage, dehumanize, demonize and devalue all that is sacred to us. You force us with your nefarious double play, you leave us no avenue but to confront you head on, face you one on one on your home ground.

            You have little to no ability to argue, discuss and defend your position in a rational logical adult manner. To remove, delete, and censor are the weapons of a looser. I often treat people like you in my work. You are an attention seeking narcissistic drama queen. With you histrionics galore. Time to grow up, Ilisha.

          • When I checked last, you had made 99 comments and in them mentioned “Ilisha” 99 times. You came to this site writing novellas about ME in the comments, filled with insults and false accusations, and I came to reply.

            “Ilisha” may be a South Asian name, but that’s not why it’s my nick. Apparently you missed the theme. Garibaldi, Danios, Amago, Dorado, Ilisha…they are all FISH. We are named after FISH, as many other people have already noticed and noted.

            And you are incredibly whiny, rambling endlessly here about LW. Get over it, EL CID, before you’re not welcome here either.

          • No. I am not El Cid as you very well know. And no, I have not missed the Fish Theme. It is in one of El Cid’s posts to Mr.HSkol. It is also on AT.

            And Ilisha is a well known fish sold and eaten regularly. It is also considered a threatened species by some. And you would know if you went to college or to market.

            Ilisha Africana, called the West African ilisha, is a species of longfin herring native to the coasts of western Africa. Scientific Name: Tenualosa ilisha.

            Garibaldi is known in California. Emperor and Danios are all fish too. And the other flakes, fakes and impersonators like you. LW is fake, with forged registry. You are a fake.

            No I have not missed a thing. El Cid is on your mind and all you see and think is El Cid. Unfortunately for you I am not El Cid.

          • “Leadership should be based on merit and ability, NOT ancestry.”
            is that not a reasonable statement?

          • Yes it is a very reasonable statement. I am not denying it but amending it. I believe in merit and ability. Try hard to attain it. Still working at it.

            But the two need not be mutually exclusive. Note that this is about the Hashmites, Sauds, T.E. Lawrence and the British Empire. The Hashmites had noble blood. They had both qualities. Able and astute.

            The Sauds were manipulated puppets of the British. Little more than desert rats, wondering nomads at best.

          • You patronise and insult me, yet offer no alternative view nor a correction to my supposed lack of knowledge. A year in Jordan with over 12 years in total in the middle east does allow me to form an opinion.




            noun: despot; plural noun: despots

            a ruler or other person who holds absolute power, typically one who exercises it in a cruel or oppressive way.

            The Jordanian royal family holds absolute power and this Queen roams the world in her private jet appearing on US talk shows etc, whilst there is extreme poverty in her country.

          • If you genuinely think and feel that I have patronized you or have intentionally insulted you then I must apologize and do apologize for what is from my point of view a misunderstanding.

            My view is that what happened before the present set up can not be taken as a linear continuation of the past, the Ottoman Empire. The British disrupted that caliphate which was progressive and benign, not despotic.

            The present king in Jordan is a puppet of the West. As is the king of Saudi Arabia. Indeed these present rulers are despotic. The designated king of Jordon was replaced by the present who was not in line.

            Further the linage was for the Hijaz, not for Jordon. The British did this by design and the results and repercussions are ongoing and despotic for most of the population. Your point is acknowledged.
            Thank you.

  • Queen Rania is an effective credible spokesperson for Jordon. She is right about Trump. But I don’t believe. as she appears to think, that all of us in America agree with Trump. I don’t see him as presidential. Not yet.

    Trump is just trying to get away from the pack by making provocative statements. I doubt he will have sustained appeal as the political race proceeds. And he runs out of those kind of liners.There is Hillary in there and now Joe, a like able fellow.

    And Jeb loaded, backed by power and cash. He is moving steadily and surely. One should not count him out. Trump is overestimating himself. Too much in a hurry putting down people, raising walls, divisive.

    Queen Rania is a symbol of assertive womanhood. She is spot on about the refugees. They are suffering humanity. Wreckage of war. They are not migrants. It would be inhuman and cruel to label them as such.

    • i like ms rania, didn’t the tribal chieftains write a letter to Abdullah and tell him to ‘get his woman in her place’? (I paraphrase of course) funny that there are still countries with kings and queens. don’t you think?
      I thought Abdullah was talking about democratic reforms before his father died?
      but strange that she says they aren’t migrants, and then mentions the contributions of immigrants.

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