5 Spring Fashion Trends For Ramadan

April showers bring May flowers, and this May has brought Ramadan!

Ramadan is our favorite time of the year, and this year it falls on the shared time between spring and summer. It’s the time to focus on prayer, on Qur’an, and on overall spiritual remembrance of God.

But, in between suhoor and iftar, we have to live our lives as normal, and that means work or school. You still have to wake up early, you still have to focus, you still have to get dressed and, for extra bonus points, you have to look put together.

Don’t worry, though. We got you. Here are five of our favorite modest spring/summer trends to up your wardrobe this Ramadan!


1) An Abaya

This one is a classic. A cute top, some trousers, and a flowing abaya over it is the simplest way to go about a sophisticated look. This is a look every Muslim girl has in her closet, so throw it together and see what happens! From pastels to patterns to pompoms, who knew there were so many abaya options?

Check out some options we love:  Maple Leaf Kimono by aab, Jacquard Trim by Vela, Blush Pink with Tulle by Qabeela, and this White Pearl by P O D U R.


2) A Belt Bag

We know this one sounds questionable, but stay with us. From Prada to Balenciaga to Fenty by Puma, the belt bag was all over the runways during this year’s fashion shows. Wear it around your waist, looped on your arm, or slung across your torso. It’s the hands-free way to carry around your essentials, your money, or maybe even a quick snack to break your fast with! Gotta be ready to eat!

Check out some options we love: Get your Gucci gang on with this belt bag from Gucci, put a ring on it with this pick from Zara, or go for the (blush) gold from remi & reid.


Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 1.40.39 PM


3) Structured Suits

Head to toe power suits aren’t just for the office anymore. Structured suits have made their way from fashion week to retailers to your favorite Instagram feed. If you’re not a fan of monochrome, start off with the perfect black blazer, or pair a blazer dress with pants.

Check out some of our favorites, like this chic combo from ASOS (pictured), this blazer dress from Topshop USA, and this monochromatic combo from Zara.


4) Pastel Hues

Honestly, when are pastel shades not a good idea? We love pinks and lavenders, peaches and beiges, cool blues and eggshell whites. Whether you incorporate it by wearing a pastel hijab or pastel shoes, trust us, this simple and elegant color scheme is always a #look.

Check out some of our favorites, like this dusty mauve hijab, this lilac wrap dress from ASOS, or this satin H&M find.



5) Wide Legged & High Waisted

Anyone else feel stuck in a skinny jean rut? Give those denims a break and try some 90’s-style high-waisted mom jeans or flowing wide-leg pants. Wide-leg pants often come in cotton or linen, helping you stay cool and breezy during the summer. And for the Muslim girl fasting in this heat, modest and comfy is a win-win situation.

Check out some of our favorites, like these vintage relaxed jeans from Mangothese super cute saylor pants, or these wide leg trousers from Nordstrom’s.