Watch: We Need #JusticeForAsifa

Asifa Bono was a child who was kidnaped, drugged, raped and murdered by men looking to drive out her nomadic tribe from the land. Individuals who victim blame need to shut up and reflect on the power dynamic at play.  The perps were sane and knew the consequences of their actions. The last place the family thought of checking at all was the Hindu temple where these men committed horrendous and malicious acts on an unconscious child.  This comes down to the age old cliche of using female bodies to cause turmoil or control peace. It is female bodies that are continuing to be policed and female bodies buried in the masses.

Two of those arrested are police officers, who participated in the crime and took thousands of dollars to cover it up. There has been movement from WITHIN the government to stop the investigation being carried out; from justice being served for an innocent angel whose life and dignity were cruelly stolen. “Hindu nationalists have turned it into a rallying cry — not calling for justice for Asifa, but rushing to the defense of the accused, ” reads the New York Times.  In April,  “a mob of Hindu lawyers physically blocked police officers from entering a courthouse to file charges against the men.”