Poem: Ya Rasool Salam ‘Alaika

I asked you for forgiveness first

With tears rolling down my cheeks,

I bowed my head in shame,

And told you I was sorry.

With humility as my cloak

And my mother at my side,

I asked you to forgive us both.

I closed my eyes and pictured a day

Where I could stand beside you,

And you would know me by name

I pictured you laughing, happy

Pleased with your ummah,

Just as a proud father smiles at his children.

And as I stood in your masjid,

Surrounded by others calling your name,

I looked at the mimbar, where you used to stand

To give sermons,

And I imagined Madinah as you knew it

In those simple times, when its people

Had received you with open arms

Singing of your long journey,

They loved you before they saw you.

I smiled imagining your entrance,

Into this radiant city

And I vowed to do better—

I vowed not to fail you.

And when it was time to leave,

I gave you the most heartfelt salaam

And left content,

Praying for you, and your beloved A’isha