Poem: We’ve Had Enough Donald Trump


We’ve heard you advocate to “build a wall,” and

command us to “go back to our country.”

Are you forgetting that one big thing?

You think we’re taking your home,

but little do you know the Trail of Tears wasn’t for nothing.

We know you’ve felt robbed multiple times,

but remember Andrew Jackson in 1839?

No, we don’t look like you, hope that’s cool.

We never wanted this to turn into a duel.

So we came here on a green card.

Does that mean you need to build a wall?

Let me tell you about how our ancestors died.

They fought and strived so we could survive.

When my parents were seventeen, my grandpas told them to leave.

If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be in this country.

Yes, we know we’re unwanted here.

For some reason our last names and ethnicities spark fear.

But let me ask you, who is really wanting a war?

Our empty hands or yours on the nuclear codes?

You accuse us of filling your life with difficulty,

but how come when I travel alone, I always get stopped at security?

Obama and Biden didn’t see color so why should we?

Stop and frisk isn’t funny.

Us in this country is the only reason why you have money.

When you tell us to go back to our country,

it makes us think you don’t know your history.

 We should be letting the natives rule this country.

When we hear your ignorance, we question how you got the audacity.

Understand that this isn’t a sorority.

Next time your ego escapes your brain, just remind it of the hypocrisy.

You are a descendant of immigrants that came here through Ellis island, near New York City.

Mexicans are our friends, not the enemy.

Our insufficient free trade deal is why we should welcome them with hospitality.

Calling them rapists and drug dealers does not describe them accurately.

You might have heard that Muslims like to blow things up.

Last time I saw fireworks, I wanted to duck.

So if we were you, we wouldn’t be so closed off.

You need us just like we need you because we’re all we got.

In 1776 when this country got its independence,

It was the Muslim Sultan of Morocco that first said congratulations.

 You want to teach us about patriotism?

I don’t think Uncle Sam supports terrorism.

Little kids fear every night that America will neglect them.

So we’re all asking you please,

make this feud come to a cease.

Aleppo is burning down and Syrian refugees are in need.

We don’t need to end up like the Middle East.