on being a vegetarian

Poem: On Being a ‘Vegetarian’

There are mammals with black and white skin.

There are pigs waiving rights to their next of kin.

There are shepherd dogs guarding the sheep.

There are families torn apart,

And left to weep.

Some are native to this land.

Others brought here on high demand.

Next time you see one of these animals,


We are stealing them from their land.

Cheap skin for mass murder.

Has been around longer than they’ve been alive.

When you kill an animal,

They feel pain.

Just in another language.

They are in pain,

Just in another language.

Even when its a quick death,

To their families,

The pain remains.

We fill them up with Geographically Made Oppression.

Feed the GMO aggression.

Muzzle them when their vocal.

And expect them not to act hormonal.

Like have you ever seen a beheading,

Watched the blood stain the terrain,

And have the rest of the barn go frantically insane?

We are killing generations.

Commercializing it for a whole nation.

And expecting the farm to keep silent.

Like God forbid an animal fights back.

God forbid this turns violent.