Poem: Thinking…

There’s a bustling silence roaring through my ears

The sound of quiet intoxicates my mind

The serenity of silence speaks and I am thinking

These rumbling thoughts send contemplation screaming through my mind

I am up

A pensive roaring drumming through my mind

A beating brain of blood flow

There’s a bustling silence roaring through my ears

A courageous thought: Think

This tank of speech waits

No Big Brother here

This silent sitting

No music to pollute the ears

Leave me with my thoughts

I respect she, so she respects me

A thinking noble enough to grab the attention of its own being

Gifted with the mind – a dying muscle

This thinking process of a strange nature

Open your mind

Become acquainted with you






This snippet of what the mind holds true

I invite you to contemplation

A realm beyond CNN, Fox and Facebook News

No tweeting of the mind

Exercise thoughts with a jogging of the mind

Turn the TVs and the radios off

Read a book and think beyond thought

Publish your soul and think about your heart


It is Thinking that we must start.