swimming in snow

Poem: Swimming in Snow

Dad can’t stand the cold
He wasn’t meant for trudging through snow
He was meant for swimming
He swam all his life when he was younger
He would choke on a sea
[I don’t know the name of cause I never learned it in school and never bothered to learn]
It went into his airways
And gathered in the back of his throat
The Indonesian water comes up again sometimes
That’s why he chokes when he speaks English
I’m the daughter of blue waters but was born in the snow so what does that make me?
Have I been drowning since I was put on this land
Or has the snow caused the water in my mouth to freeze?
Maybe that’s why I can’t roll my Rs the way dad does
And that’s why it’s hard for me to call him Bapa [father]
Without sounding like the men of the snow