Poem: Survivor

Written by Jasmine Ariff.


As I looked up the sky, time ticking to eleven fifty nine,

In the deep canopy the sizzling fireworks started,

with a thousand lights and a whooping blast,

Smiles, cheers, laughters and jitters played out

However, I stood there aloft.


Another Grey Sky; same sparks; same noise;

But this time it was fear and panic washing over,

Run – now, for dear dear life.


The place that I once called home.

The place that will ever be my only home.


As I stood there a survivor,

Juxtaposed between the past and the present,

Not knowing to feel sad or ashamed about the lives lost,

The souls touched.


Or to celebrate in the moment of a brand new year,

To bear the torch light that I am “the” Survivor

To shout out to the world here today,

that I am here to stay.


I am a Survivor and the fear of death does not haunt me,

For the hardest part is over,

Now I’m here to conquer.


But for that brief moment the hidden closet peaked in,

A reality from another timeline,

Another dimension,

a different lifetime.


And try as I may,

to bury the graves back at my home land,

It would always be carried like a Talisman

With me always – it will always be.