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Poem: “Salaam”

Salaam means peace,

and that’s how we greet.

But the peace we don’t see

on the streets of Paris,

the place of Tour Eiffel,

where the wrong goes by so well.

You want protection?

And so do we.

You take on your armor,

and say that it’s we

who are trying

to take on your seat.

You blame us for something

that is not our deed.

You look at our عربي,

and say “it’s a part of a scheme.”

And if the reality becomes clear,

it’s a part of our deen.

You see, for freedom we plead.

And say “يا رب أنتَ المُعِين”

for our souls are so bleak,

and we wonder,

where can we flee?

You see it’s a planet

made of a panel,

and either you’re superior,

or you’re an Aladdin.

But if you are a Muslim,

that makes you a Bin Laden.

O’ of a day with no hatred,

that’s what we dream,

when we’re gonna say “so long!

We made it,

and we’re free.

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