Poem: They Said God

Written by Dena Igusti and Marwa Adina.

If I wrap my words around “God,” will they be protected?

If I say god after every phrase, will they be preserved?

Like I god LOVE god YOU god

I god NEVER god LOVED god THIS god COUNTRY god

THIS god COUNTRY god NEVER god LOVED god ME god


After all,

Men who never looked like my father and his father and his father

Did the same thing

And took everything

White men said “God” with pale hands outstretched,

Followed religion to the “T”


But they said

Jesus is God

Jesus is White

God is White

White is God

So when


White men claimed we meant them

When we called for our savior


They said “God”

The man who was known for bleeding to give

Has the same skin as those with outstretched hands

That took


Said “God”

And the flushed pink of the conqueror’s palms

Were confused with the blood of the Holy man


Said God,

“Stop using my name in vain”

Yet we come from generations

Of holy wars and torn veins

In the name of God


Can we too use His name as a lifeline in our poems

To get back what we’ve lost

Or protect what we have left


They said God,

And broke up our holy lands

They said God

And we parted our own seas

They said God

And misused my people’s losses for sacrifice


We’re more like Jesus than they are God

M-Sacrificing our holy for your spirit

Its no wonder america expects God to bless it


Fourth of july isnt america’s independence day

Because they never broke free from their sins

Jesus was crucified for our sins

We were crucified for yours


Jesus woke after 3 days

It took us 3 generations


So when we rise up again,

chain ourselves to God to play devil’s advocate

Will you call us the Second Coming?

Or Will you call this