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POEM: Roots

We have inherited our parents’ roots A mixture of home and homeland We plant these roots within ourselves

Where we once stand
We grow into a garden of ourselves
Each part a piece of our being
Flowers that were passed down to us through generations
Trees that were added in along the way
Fruit that our friends bore
Here we became one with the past
branch out into the many versions of ourselves

We inherited a bloodline of sand, sweat and tears from our ancestors. Descended from nomads who created home with every step they took
Warriors of words and not of sword or stone
They carried their pride beneath their feet and their faith high above their heads  We’ve got generations of sacrifice, triumph and failure in this soil. All these seeds constructing each part of us

Each time we pray
We are all crescent moon and stars
But we still love the moon through each phase
hold the promise of all the other stars that shine just as bright as ours Allow the darkness to swallow up our pain
In order to let the best parts of us shine through

We are encased in our ancestor’s beauty and strength neither feathers nor rocks
Instead, we ebb and flow shifting with every curve Use waves to defend ourselves from attack While welcoming every being that is gentle
We encase our strength in the deepest parts of our souls
Never afraid to let a downpour of tears or laughter affect the ripple

We find home in our ancestors This is where we shall stay Plant seeds of our own
Watch as our gardens thrive