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A Poem for Qandeel Baloch: I Am Too Much Woman for You

They say I am

too promiscuous

too ungodly

too appalling

what they mean is that

I am too much woman

what they mean is that

the Earth quakes every time I hiccup.

daylight savings time is the

sun asking the moon for more time

to watch me tap dance.

my laughter is a symphony of

soft rain hitting bedroom window

sills on a Sunday afternoon in Karachi.

I should sleep on the equator

so that the hemispheres

will stop being jealous of each other.

what they mean is that

there is so much woman inside of me

that the entire universe is

begging for a piece.

A Poem for Qandeel Baloch, Pakistani woman murdered in honor killing
Written by Amara Chaudhry