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Poem: #NotMyPresident-Elect Donald Trump

#NotMyPresident-Elect Donald Trump

You climbed on our backs to make yourself great (again).
You had nothing to turn to but to make everyone hate (again).
You did not win, Bigotry, Racism, and Hate won (again).

We moved 10 steps forward, and you moved us 20 steps back (again).
It is like my history book came alive and I’m watching Hitler rise (again).
Now the Ku Klux Klan thinks it can come out (again).

A 13-year-old child, and her family suffer (again).
The women you molested suffer (again).
And despite telling the world, their abuser got rewarded (again).

To you, you may think you have succeeded (“again”).
But don’t be mistaken you will fail (again).
You can’t play that white nonsense on us (again).

You won’t be able to keep us quiet.
Bury us and we will grow like trees.
WE will rise and make America Great AGAIN.