Poem: Love

I’ve imagined a land where Love can breathe, so inhale me these lovely dreams.

Painted into reality, images only Love can see.

I love Love for Love’s sake.

I love Love for Allah’s sake.

I love on maximum

Pour wholeheartedly into whatever my Lord degrees to be

I am the lover of Love

It is the sole emotion of my being

I feel it wrestling inside of me and then my heart can breathe

It shines through my lips

Slips through my fingertips

And flips flops down my toes

I am spoken love

Feeling, moving, touching Love

Seamstress of the gardens of faith

Dear Lord,

Thimble me through these fields of light.

Sow me a quilt of hearts so lovely they’ve conquered the feeling of hate

Loving is innate

These lovely seasons spring me together with the wintery feelings of falling into my Lord.

I embrace summer’s breeze and He warms me.

Love me

Because I am His creation

Love we

Because we are His nations

Created so that we may know one another.

You are my sister and brother.

Children of Adam and Hawwa

The power of love

Lost in the love of Allah

So if ever you need to find me

Walk the Sirat al-Mustaqeem

Turn Right onto Deen

Take Love Street and follow the signs towards Jennah

I am striving ahead

GPSed my destination and it read: Go towards your Lord

Life miles to destination

It is a short ride, you have but to be patient

We will be brought back to Him

The Salaam of salaam

The Love of love

I love for the love of Allah who molded us so lovely

Love is who we are.