Poem: “Iqra,” He Said

Our religion is purely based on understanding,

Our knowledge should be constantly expanding.

Let’s use our aql once in a while,

Read the books that have been compiled.

The first verse revealed from the Quran was “read,”

Unfortunately, to this, people pay no heed.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) always told us to learn,

For ilm we should always have concern.

The intellect has always been emphasized,

However, if we’re not humble, it can lead to our demise.

Though we may be intelligent, arrogance is what we must avoid,

For then, our good deeds will become null and void.

Knowledge is better than worship for years,

So pay attention, don’t let this fall on deaf ears.

Iqra is what was said,

On the path of knowledge we must tread.