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Poem: Immigrant

Poem: Immigrant

Written by Mariam Habib.


i asked my mother,

what is our story

i only ever had pieces
of identity to salvage
sentence fragments—
of too many words to fit on one page
of detachment
and diaspora
displacement due to disruption
disruption due to displacement
of first generation
and second generation
of immigrant
parched lips begging for belonging
for a home to come home to-

dukhtaram, she said.

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it is mine to tell you
it is yours to complete.

– m.h.

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  • IMMIGRANT:To escape, survive, live. In destitution all must abandon their land, hearth and homes. That is the trek of evolution and history. This our Test. The time is now. When it is over, in the end, in death we go Home. All else is vanity.

    But Muhammad’s Hijret was different. In that Moment of Truth he was not abandoned on the cross. In his loss and tears, as he trekked through the desert, was born a great nation. Keep faith. The Promise of Allah is True. Hold on to His Rope. Allah is Most Wise Most Bountiful. His Will will be done.
    All else is vanity!

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