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The poem below is written in honor of National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. 

Surviving is more than just making it to the next morning 
Surviving requires living 
It takes work to do the living  
Because to live requires you to be alive 
And suddenly 
Making it to the next morning does not seem so simple 
Or easy for that matter 
People will tell you what a blessing it is to arise every morning 
But for it to be a blessing  
You must look to the night as a curse to overcome 
I don’t see the night this way 
I want to sit with her  
Look so long at the stars 
Until I figure out what made her this way  
What caused her to hollow out 
To the point where only specks of light are left 
Come morning 
The sun blasts its way through darkness 
People will tell me we are lucky to have arisen again 
But all I can do is search for the night 
I want to know where she hides 
When things seem a bit too shallow  
I want to hide with her 
Listen to the calm in her breath 
Mimic this so I too can  
Perfect the art of stillness 
Without the silence that follows 
Everyone talks about how in death 
You always see a light before going 
What if the light never comes 
What if you are stuck in darkness 
And it is not a single beaming light  
But instead, thousands and thousands tiny lights 
Not bright enough to blind you  
But light enough to illuminate your body  
Creating an outline of your silhouette  
This is surviving   
To be dead to the world  
But noticed by her 

In some alternate universe 
We give night the love she deserves 
Not only seen but heard  
For now 
I wait  
Listening for the day  
I can hear her through