Poem: Forever with Her

Written by Danah Kowdan.

I am power
I am melanin bones and skin
Bonds made
That are not to be broken
Always meant to be mended
Fed through blood lines and sweat
Of women
Who told me selflessness is the way of being
Give more
To be more
But I’m left with less
How could I fight with my fists
If I’ve learned to give my fingers away
Cutting the cord of what I should proffer
From the world
So I could
Feed myself to the wolves
My mother never taught me how to cook
But she taught me empathy in excess
I don’t know how to suffice your soul through glutinous
But I know how to suppress your voracious appetite with words
That mean
And feelings
That feel
As there’s no greater joy than knowing
You are here
And felt by a heart
That is expected to surrender itself
From a young age
I have caged mine
So you could not
Drain it for your wellbeing
I’m not cutting my supply of livelihood
To endow your kingdom
Generations of women
Were here to plow through your Shortcomings
And flourish
Out of your flaws
I am here today
To have voted for the poster child
Of selfish women
A womyn
Who has caged her mind
For the wellbeing of a nation
That has put her up against
The purveyor of caged hearts