Moving on
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Poem: Flowers Don’t Grow Here Anymore

Growing up, people always told me you never know a good thing until it’s gone  

Like a child, I didn’t listen  

I grew up thinking good and bad were as simple as the sun and moon  

I didn’t realize good and bad were more like cloudy days  

Abandoned playgrounds  

Overrun weeds

Maybe if I had realized this sooner, I could have stopped you from leaving  

If I remembered all the good memories we had  

Maybe my last memory of you would not be your back but instead your face  

Now when I see you in a crowded room, I feign indifference when you say

I don’t even know her.  

How could you?  

You didn’t say goodbye  

And I know that’s me being selfish  

To think I’m the one who should be sad  

I just can’t help it  


All my happiness is lost somewhere with our good memories  

We started this knowing exactly how this was going to end  

Because we had hope  

That one of us would see the warning signs  

One of us would stop the other from going too far  


When it happened 

Neither of us was brave enough to be the one 

Even though we both didn’t want it to end this way 

Or to end in the first place  

So, when I catch you looking at me across the room

This was not your fault 

It’s not mine either  


Whenever something goes wrong in your life

You always have one person you can blame 

We don’t have that  

Even though you left months ago, I am still carrying your burden 

And from the way you said it 

I know you’re carrying mine too 


It’s not that I didn’t know you were the best thing to happen to me 

That part was obvious. 

It’s the fact we let go 

Without so much of a fight


Before Armageddon hit 

We were not fighting for something; we were just fighting  

When people ask me what happened 

I have a list of excuses ready 

Excuse myself from the room


I still find myself looking for things you liked 

I buy your favorite foods 

Go to your favorite places 

Use your favorite perfume in my house 

So, I can fool myself into thinking you are still here.