Poem: On Choosing What Is Hereditary

10:42 P.M.

You are 2 hours and 42 minutes
Past your curfew
This is the 5th time this month
How long will you leave your mother
Worrying in the dark at night
For someone else?
You are too much like your father

You think about your parents
How you have been called spitting images
Of one or the other
Your mother, how she will pick up
The shards of people even if it means
Slicing her hands cause at least she can hold onto something
Your father, how the way he cuts into people isn’t clean, how he leaves scars everywhere
As if he’s broken glass
And how easy it is for him to leave because he is fragile, like broken glass

You think about you and Him
How you won’t say anything
Because you already have parts of him
But try to find other people to fill in the gaps and this void
What does it mean when you’re both your mother and father?
What does it mean when you’re so scared of being your mother that you become your father?