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Poem: You Can’t Have Him, World (I Won’t Let You)

Poem: You Can’t Have Him, World (I Won’t Let You)

I have fantasies of being a mother to a beautiful baby boy

He has big brown eyes that look like honey

And soft, black curls that make me love him even more

In my mind my little boy is a little boy forever

He has a toothless smile and can’t pronounce his r’s

And his first word is “Baba”

In these fantasies my baby boy can’t grow up

Because the world will break him

The world will make him forget that he came from a woman

He’ll make mistakes he can’t come back from

And the world will say, “Boys will be boys”

If I let him grow, his toothless smile will become hard at the edges

He’ll forget how his mama raised him—

And be the first man to break her heart

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So in my fantasies my son is untainted

His only struggle is taking his first steps

And the only time he raises his hands is to hug his mama

In my fantasies, the world will never have him

Because I don’t want to raise a man

Only for the world to breed him into a monster.

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  • Feminist psycho! You don’t deserve a son if you dream of castrating him from becoming a man. Have a girl instead. In either case you will still need a man inside you to make them. Bummer!

    • This is not what a man is because what you are doing is generalising men that misuses women, disrespect their elders, criticising others before criticising themselves and taking advantage of double standards. The world and society is the thing that unfortunately moulds some men into this. And Nihal isn’t saying she hates men, she’s hating society for doing this.

      • You seem not to read very well. Perhaps unable to read between the lines. Read carefully what this psychopath is spouting. Hate does not even come close. What this mentally ill feminist psycho is saying is that she will not let her son grow up to be a man … kill him in infancy? Else, cut off his manhood in childhood? Heck, how is she even going to have a son in the first place if there are no men to service her?

        Feminism was established so as to allow ugly women get into society. Maybe score a few f**ks every now and then. Now they are having fantasies of emasculating men, WTF. Why don’t they just stay away from men. No man wants them anyway. Would not touch them much less want them without beer glasses. Uggh!

        One of the Popes put it most succinctly:
        “A woman’s place is at her husband’s feet.”
        ___Pope Pius XIII___

        • You don’t seem to be very open minded of know anything about feminism. Here’s a website to actually educate yourself on what feminism is.
          And a definition:
          the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.
          synonyms: the women’s movement, the feminist movement, women’s liberation, female emancipation, women’s rights… Etc.
          Note equality of the sexes not hating men. And if you think the one thing a woman wants is to be with a men, you’re wrong; there is more to life than that. Tbh, arguing with you is absolutely pointless so I don’t know why I’m trying to open your mind and teach your about the modern world but I hope more and more men that think like you change their mindsets.

          • “And if you think the one thing a woman wants is to be with a men, you’re wrong; there is more to life than that.”
            Thank you for the lesson. So a woman does not want to be with a man or with men. That is a new one. Have you tried one?

            Did she too get a son through immaculate conception? Petri dish? So, what more is there to life for her besides the frustrated wish desire to castrate men, beginning with her son? Slut Walk?

            Feminists are not women. Feminists rue the day they were born without them man things. You obviously miss those too. Feminists want to be men. Women love being women. Men love being men.You obviously don’t get it. Will not get it till you get laid.

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