Poem: After Blessings by Chance the Rapper

When Chance the Rapper came out with the song “Blessings,”

Everyone sang along.

Because when the praises go up,

the blessings come down.

But what if I cover-up,

Wear a headscarf all around,

And said the same phrase,

To exemplify my praise?

But in Arabic

Why does it become politics

When I say Allahu Akbar

Meaning God is the greatest?

I could be the tamest Muslim

Yet still cause you anguish.

Why do you fear me for my language?

You make jokes of my devotion,

Fear an explosion when I’m outspoken,

Ironically send bombs down on me,

When I phrase my praise differently.

But even when hypocrisy continues on,

I’m still gonna praise Him ’til I’m gone.

So i’ll wait for my chance,

Maybe a blessing to change this circumstance.