baking for him

Poem: Baking for Him

Written by Manika Harikumar.

Trigger Warning: Abuse

One cup of flour

I want you to be safe, he said, when he gave me an 8 P.M. curfew

One half cup of sugar

We only need each other, he said, when he cut off my friends

One stick of butter

Never lie to me, he said, when he demanded all my passwords

One teaspoon of vanilla

I’m so sorry, he said, when he shoved me into the wall

One stick of cinnamon

Never again, he said, when he slapped me for the first time

Two beaten eggs

Marry me, he said, when I threatened to walk away

One bar of dark chocolate

Let’s have a baby, he said, when he made me quit my job

One pinch of salt

This is your fault, he said, when his punch made me miscarry

Two scoops of nutella

I failed because of you, he said, when he was fired from work

One tablespoon of cyanide

Here, have some brownies, I said, after he hit me for the last time


~Manika H.