Poem: In The Aftermath of Our Fallen


They still say

Stop spreading your Muslim

As if they forgot

That they smeared us all over asphalt roads,

Covered us all over the walls and floorboards,

The scent of our burning flesh lingers above a burning building,

No wonder why we are everywhere



Prop us up on headlines

As the villain

Or the martyr

Or a misguided attempt at both

Because of a “barbaric” religion

Wonder how something so oppressive

Disguise itself as liberation

Try to liberate us

With comments






Pull your children away from us

In hushed tones and low whispers

Call us “evil”


“Scarf bitches”


Say we don’t belong here

Snicker about how

If I could bend over to pray

I could bend over for you too

In the same breath,

Wonder how could such killers, such dogs, could exist

Over the past few weeks

Forget who bred them