Poem: A Different Perspective

“Yeah, I’m definitely moving to Canada…”

It’s November 7th, 2016

The day after Donald Trump wins the presidential election

and my best friend is complaining to me about America

While she shares the same thoughts with millions of others

I just can’t help but disagree…


A different perspective, you see

My grandparents are immigrants

They moved to America in their 30’s and had my father and uncles

My grandmother learned English by listening to the radio

She birthed three baby boys

One of which would happen to be

The father of me


A different perspective, you see

I was born in New Orleans

The home of Mardi Gras and red beans

My first 10 years were spent in the Big Easy

Where there’s a far majority White

I’ve known racism and White Supremacy my entire life

I’m an acquaintance of frisking

And a good friend of “extra pat downs”

I am no stranger to discrimination

Cause unfortunately

My half-White ancestry goes unnoticed

at TSA

But anyways…

Here’s a different perspective, you see

America is my home

Anywhere else I’d be a refugee

The soil we stand on holds a piece of me

So while president Trump grips my home in his child-like hands

And throws it around like a bullet in a game of Russian roulette

(quite literally)

We should be working our way up to take it away

Because this country is not a toy for him to play with


Here’s a different perspective, you see

This country was built on the bones

Of Native Americans

Of African Americans

Of Hispanics and Japanese

And everyone and anyone that has ever fought just to speak

So while you may want to abandon this place for another

I’mma stay right here and put mine back together

Piece by piece


Another perspective, you see

I am not willing to give up my home so easily

Because my brothers and sisters did not work so hard

For this measly outcome

For injustice, for corruption, for racism

And every other kind of -ism under the sun

They broke their backs for us

They swam cross oceans for us

They went through hell for us

And we’re just going to throw it away?


I don’t think so

Because my grandparent’s efforts to give me a better life

Will not be thrown away by those who despise us

I’m not moving to Canada

Because I have a different perspective, you see