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Planning an Event? 5 Mistakes to Avoid

The success of an event is determined by how well the event is planned. The event planner needs to pay attention to the small details that will make the event successful and memorable. Planning an event is a hectic task. Many mistakes are involved when planning an event. The mistakes may ruin the event. The following are five mistakes that you should avoid when planning for an event.

Budget issues

One of the most important parts of planning an event is the budget. You will incur many expenses during the event. Disaster strikes when there is a deficit in the budget of an event. The best thing to do is to have a surplus budget. The surplus budget will act as an emergency fund to help you when encountering any unexpected expenses. You should go through the quotation provided by different vendors and pick the most pocket-friendly quotation. A quotation from vendors that you can fund without straining the expenses will go a long way in leaving a surplus budget.

Ensure that the person in charge of the budget is reputable and trustworthy. An accountable budget planner will help ensure that every coin is accounted for and there is no funds deficit during the event. It would be best to go over the planned budget and ensure that no expense has been left out.

Hiring Unprofessional Service Providers

Quality and professional services may be costly, but they go a long way in making the event colorful. Services like catering, security, and accommodation should be provided professionally. Unprofessional service providers, even though they are cheap, will ruin the event. It would be best to check for reviews before hiring any vendors or service providers when planning for an event. Entertainment and keynote speakers are also important not to skimp on if you want your event to be a worthwhile experience for your guests. For example, it would be best to ensure that the speaker you hire is among the top-rated event speakers and will entertain your guests without diverging from the main theme of the event.

Failure to Follow-up

As an event planner, it would be best to follow up on the guests, service providers, and vendors. You should follow up on the guests and confirm whether they will be attending the event. This will help you adjust your budget and the previously planned accommodation.

You can reduce the number of seats and tables according to the number of guests that will not be attending. An exact number of seats contributes a great deal to making the event seem professionally organized. However, it would be best to have a few extra seats.

A follow-up on the vendors and service providers will help to ensure that you get the desired services. You should check whether the supplies provided by the vendors are in good condition.

Failure to Have a Backup Plan

You may face hiccups in your original plan. Some things may go wrong, even if you pay keen attention to the detailed planning of the event. A contingency plan will come to your rescue in case you face some unexpected challenges during the event.

For example, your flower vendor may supply you with fewer flowers. It would be best to have contacts of different suppliers as your backup plan. One of the ways to avoid embarrassment during an event is having a backup plan when planning for the event. You can also have a backup for electric power in case you experience an unforeseen power blackout.

Failure to Check Out For Competing Events

When planning for an event, many event planners fail to check out for competing events. It is important to know the number of events that are happening in your area and their nature. This will help you pick a date or venue to ensure you get the desired attendance at your event.

Competing events will, without a doubt, draw the crowd to their side if they are preferred more by people. For example, if you organize an event and plan to host it near a sports stadium, it would be best to ensure that no popular matches or tournaments are happening at the stadium during the event. Your list of attendees may reduce as many of them may prefer to head over to the sports stadium.

The listed mistakes are made when planning an event and will wreak havoc if they are not corrected. It would be best to go over the event plan with a professional event planner and make adjustments if needed.