The Perfect Pink Pout for Valentine’s Day, Bae Optional

Valentine’s Day is here, and you know we got you with an inspired makeup look! This year, we’re all about soft pink. Now, whether you got a bae or not, give Valentine’s Day a quick shout out with a little pink in your look.
Valentine’s Day
To start, pick out your favorite shade of pink. You can’t go wrong if you’re picking your favorite. For this look, I used a pink/coral color for the eyeshadow. I mixed pink and a tiny bit of orange from the BH Cosmetics 88 Cool Matte Palette together to deepen the pink. Don’t be afraid to mix your eyeshadows to achieve the best color combinations for your look!
A helpful tip to achieving a more pulled-together look is to base your colors off of an item you plan on working. I used the flower crown and hijab combo as color inspiration!
Valentine’s Day
It isn’t the most conventional technique, but using the same eyeshadow combinations for your blush is a great way to include a match of pink hues to your face. If you don’t have the blush shade that works for this look, use eyeshadow!
When it comes to a soft pink look, it’s all about the glow. Run a shimmery highlighter above your blush and dab it on the apples of your cheeks. You can’t go wrong with Mary Lou Manizer Highlighter. This will give the illusion that the sun is catching your face and you’re a glowing Aphrodite.
Think soft when you’re matching your lip. I used NYX Lip Cream in London. Any soft color will do!
That’s our Valentine’s Day look for this year! What’s yours? Share your V-Day makeup looks by tagging @MuslimGirl and hashtagging #MyVdayLook for a shout-out!